Our Code of Being

  1. Be nice, it doesn’t cost any extra.
  2. Be forgiving of the mistakes of others and unafraid to admit your own. Nobody’s perfect.
  3. Be proactive. If something isn’t right, make it right. If something can be better, make it better.
  4. Be thorough. Details may be small but they can make a big dent if they get dropped.
  5. Be respectful of all. Everybody has a role to play and the sum is greater than the parts.

While many companies talk of systems, processes and equipment, we like to talk about something else that makes up our corporate DNA.

It’s our own unique combination of strands that have shaped our approach to, well, everything. Central to what drives Expographiq are people.

From the people who work here, to our partners, suppliers and ultimately the people who support us and give us the honour of working for them.


Expographiq Design and fabrication
Expographiq Design and fabrication

We hire talented people who bring passion to their profession.

We do our best to give them the tools, environment and culture where they can contribute, grow and thrive at what they do.

We collaborate with people, companies and suppliers who share our values and constantly strive to do great work and go the extra mile.

We treat every project with every client as a privilege and go above and beyond to show them that they made the right decision in hiring us.

Our approach may appear simple but it’s what makes us well – us.