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Expographiq, one company with a host of design-build capabilities.

Many firms quickly label themselves as one-stop shops. Expographiq has methodically built itself to be a single, end-to-end, reliable resource for design-build projects. We have invested and continue to invest in equipment, facilities, technology and systems that drive efficiency, innovation and quality.

But quite frankly, the glue that holds all our gear together is our people.

People who work together like a well-oiled machine to consistently exceed the needs our clients, and think of new and better ways to get things done. You could say that our capable and dedicated people are the real drivers of the cool stuff we get to do.


Expographiq excels at planning, creating, building, delivering and installing museum exhibits, visitor centres, interpretive centres and much more. We work directly with museum staff and collaborate closely with exhibit design firms, interpretive planners and project managers who work in the cultural and attractions markets.

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Expographiq has a particular strength in helping exhibitors stand out at trade, retail and consumer shows around the world. From large, multi-level interactive custom exhibits to modular and portable displays, you can count on Expographiq to deliver. Be it purchase or rental exhibits, we help achieve positive results on show floors.

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Unique, one-of-a-kind or simply amazing. Call it what you may but we know how to build it. From donor walls to corporate boardrooms, from lobbies to waiting rooms, we have a proven track record in building custom environments, furniture and spaces. We can get you from idea to installation.

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3D Marketing

Over the years Expographiq has worked with marketers and their agencies to help them bring marketing ideas, campaigns, promotions and events into another dimension. Literally. Working in collaboration, Expographiq takes out of the box thinking and turns it into tangible and effective 3D components of an integrated marketing campaign.

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Planning and Support

As soon as a project is conceived, Expographiq is there to provide comprehensive planning and support services to its clients and partners. From preliminary budgets and schedules to detailed pricing, project plans and shop drawings, Expographiq delivers the key planning and support needed throughout every stage of a project.

Project Management

In the design-build world there are always a myriad of project details and considerations to stay on top of. Expographiq’s approach combines experienced Project Managers with an Enterprise Resource Planning system that helps us plan and track resources, analyze time and materials as well as offer contingencies.


Expographiq‘s highly skilled staff use state-of-the art equipment to design, cut, shape, form, paint, laminate, assemble and finish any custom component in wood, acrylic, foam, metal, plastic and much, much more. From prototypes to museum quality cabinetry and custom exhibits, we can handle every aspect of fabrication.


Our in-house graphic production facility produces high resolution, large format digital imaging, direct printing and inkjet printing on a wide range of papers, films, vinyl, canvas and direct print substrates. The results are, well, quite graphic.


Our bilingual, dedicated installation team has years of experience in installing all manner of exhibit components across North America and around the world. Be it a permanent or travelling exhibition, a custom trade show booth, a donor wall or a simple banner, our site supervisors work closely with our clients on site to ensure that every last detail is addressed.


End-to-end logistics services provided by Expographiq simply mean that we take care of all the details. From verification of on site measurements to booking trade show services, from crating, handling and transportation; we keep things moving and cover all the bases.


Expographiq operates a secure, monitored, climate controlled 12,000 square foot warehouse to house client exhibits, and displays as well as trade show materials. Our dedicated staff uses an inventory control system to ensure goods are tracked, protected and made available when needed. They also inspect materials and report any maintenance that may be required.

Exhibit Rentals

With the largest inventory of exhibit rental systems and accessories in the area, Expographiq can provide exhibitors with an alternative to owning. Whether you have a limited budget or simply want to try exhibiting to measure it’s effectiveness, we can provide you with a host of rental options. Our inventory also includes custom fabricated components that can be combined with rental hardware to meet your unique needs.

Design Services

As part of our turnkey services, Expographiq provides graphic, exhibit design and shop drawing services. Our design team also collaborates with our exhibit and agency partners to augment their own services and provide a bridge between concept and fabrication. With years of experience in detailing and a thorough understanding of fabrication methods, our design team plays a key role in the design development of projects and ensures smooth execution throughout.


Working with wood has long been a hallmark of Expographiq. Our cabinetmakers know the tools, appreciate the level of quality and take great pride in their ability to craft cabinetry, furniture, signage, display cases and exhibit components. Their work has graced corporate environments, hospital walls, public spaces and museums across North America.

Mount Making

With years of experience collaborating with curators and preparatory staff responsible for historical and cultural collections, Expographiq has the knowledge and capabilities to design, fabricate and install custom mounts for any type of artifact or art object. Discrete by design, our supports and mounts are custom fitted to ensure optimal artifact viewing and safety while respecting specific conservational requirements.


Expographiq’s creative reproduction artists are highly skilled and experienced at precisely reproducing historical copies, immersive environments, props and unique objects for dioramas, exhibitions, and interactive displays. Combining a keen eye for detail with a broad range of durable fabrication techniques reproductions from Expographiq have withstood the test of time in hands-on exhibits and interactive experiences in museums across North America and the world.

Value Engineering

Expographiq estimating services are enhanced by our experience and expertise in materials, processes and fabrication methods. Working closely with our customers during the design phase, we bridge the usual gaps between concept, fabrication and installation. Using Value Engineering methodologies to examine and recommend cost-effective alternatives, we help customers and designers reduce costs of fabrication and installation as well as optimize use of materials.